Friday, November 18, 2011

Chickens, Turkeys and quiet days

I got my Meyer Hatchery 2012 Catalog. ( . I have picked out the chickens we will get someday! I have picked out the Buff Orphingtons and some Barred Plymouth Rocks. Ahhh I can't wait . I also picked out the Bourbon Red Turkey . :) ( He will be for Thanksgiving.)  Every time I look at this Magazine I am like a kid in a candy store! :)  Where do you get your chickens if you have them? What kinds do you have or do you want to get? I would love to hear! And for those who are waiting for your homestead, it is never to early to plan :) and dream!  I am going to look at burpees today to get my seed list ready and maybe order a few for the coming years garden.

Today is a quiet day around here. The boys are playing , I washing and hanging laundry out.  Also, making cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing. YUM! Recipe from : Best I have ever had! You should stop by her website and check out other yummy recipes that she has made. 

 What are you doing today on your homestead? Have a wonderful day!

~ Katie


  1. I get My baby Chicks From tractor Supply store ,every spring for 8 weeks you can buy all kinds of chicks ,ducks ect..I only raise Rhode Island reds .they do well for our area and lay all year long.:) I love looking at Hatchery Catalogs .I am looking into incubating my own eggs .and raising Peeps to sell :)

  2. Keystone Pet Equine & Wildlife in Mt. Joy (near the new Giant) can order all kinds of rare & old breeds, as well as any new breeds. His prices are great and the chicks we have gotten from him are always strong & healthy!

  3. Jenny that's awesome to know! I've been looking too. Katieann you can help me with my chickens in the spring And I'll trade you eggs for knowledge about differnt breeds. And I made my first laundry detergent yesterday.The true test... Josies spit up! They all washed out so I know it's working! What should I do next? any Ideas? I've tackled bread butter detergent and cleansers. What's another beginners challengs??

  4. I have always wanted to make my own soap. Though it will be a bit dangerous with the lye. You can try making your own.

    Cleaning with vinegar:

    Great book I have read! Mrs. Meyers clean home

    I haven't done much other then these since we don't have room to do animals. I have started knitting again to make blankets. And in the spring the garden. But if you can think or find anything that would be cool to do let me know! :)

    Thank you Tess and Jen! I will look into both of those when the time comes. Jen- Does he sell turkeys as well?

  5. Yes, he sells, turkeys, guinea, ducks, etc.