Friday, January 11, 2013

Garden '13

I know I know it is only January 11th but I can't help it! I am so not a winter girl! Now the little farmer and baby farmer feel very different about winter! They love it! Anyway back on topic haha! I put my seed order in at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, great company and love the idea of being able to keep the seeds and reuse them agian the following years! Another step closer to our self sufficiency! I am drawin up what I have in mind for our garden this year. We will be growing some same old same old things and trying some new things we have never tryed growing before. So I am excited to see how it all grows this summer! Okay we are growing: Big Boston lettuce Red romaine Lettuce Snowball self- blanching cauliflower Boston Pickling cucumbers Little finger Carrots Golden Jenny Melons- first time growing these. Didn't have much luck last year with watermelon so I thought I would try cantaloupe. Fingers crossed. Stuttgarter Onions Money Maker Tomatoes Cherokee Purple tomatoes - Love these! Early Golden Summer cookneck squash Purple Beauty Peppers California Wonder peppers Little Marvel Peas Leeks Green beans Mustard lettuce yellow Pear tomatoes Zuchinni Herbs: Basil Dill thyme oregano- will be coming up from last year chives parsley I am really excited and also nervous about this years garden. Last year we had our small garden at home and a BIG garden at a friends house. This year we just have our garden at home and lots of containers. So we will see what we can grown on our 0.06 acre lot! I am up for the challenge! So what are you growing this year? Anything new or any favorites that you have as a must have in your garden every year? I would love to hear about it and any tips you may have for anything I am growing! ( any help/ tips are always appreciated!) Leave a comment and feel free to share my blog with friends and family! ~ Katie

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